The Sport Club Association “Kasta Morrely Star” Iași, Romania supports the implementation of sport activities among the young generation to increase the awarness on the importance of physical activities, active participation and equal access to sport activities. Kasta Morrely is affiliated at the Romanian Dance Federation and its members have won numerous places on the podium in sportive dance. Kasta Morrely Star has dance champions, multi-qualified specialists and coaches authorized by the Romanian Dance Federation.

In 2019 Kasta Morrely Star coordinated the project Dance for yourh health, live your heart passion , with the support of European Union within the Erasmus+ Sport Programme. The project partnership was composed from the project coordinator Kasta Morrely Star Iasi and the project partners Youth Alliance Krusevo and Development Youth & Sports Association. The project aim was to increase the participation in sport activities through dance as a practical solution for preventing health problems and raising sport performance. The project website is

Intercultural Association For All (IAFA), Barcelos, Portugal is a non-profit organization involved in projects based on equal opportunities, social justice, economic growth and interculturality.

Areas of activities:

  • Combating unemployment, supporting the creation of self-employment or helping actively seeking work.
  • Creation of events that encourage dialogue and create opportunities for the different actors (companies, employers, unemployed, investors, schools, etc.).
  • Developing skills of organizations, for a more efficient management of resources and projects, by promoting training in the area of new information technologies, management, ethics and communication.
  • Monitoring, support, evaluation and consulting people, organizations and institutions in developing and implementing projects and action plans.
Development Youth & Sports Association, Sivas, Turkey is a non-governmental organization, which unites people of different age, social class, nation and interest but with same goal: make the world of 21st century a bit more better and friendlier to its inhabitants. The main activities are: education, democracy, ecology, sports and culture. Youngsters believe that these aspects are not only closely connected with the majority of youth problems, but also provide a wide space for growth, innovational thinking and creativity, which can be accumulated firstly by youngsters.

Centre for youth activism KRIK, Skopje, North Macedonia is non-governmental, non-profit organization. Krik works on achieving social inclusion and integration of young people with fewer opportunities.

The target groups are young people with fewer opportunities, more exactly young people with intelectual and sensor disabilities, young people having problems fit in the society, having difficult social and economic background. With the activities delivered Krik offer space for social and personal development of young people through different educational activities on local and international level.

The regular activities are including workshops, sport and dance classes for young people with disabilities and typical development.