European project

Expanding soft skills borders, PasSPORT in education


“Kasta Morrely Star” Sport Club Association coordinates the project “Expanding soft skills borders, PasSPORT in education” which addresses the beneficial impact of sports techniques as an educational support in the development of skills. The project is co-financed by the Erasmus + Sport Program of the European Union.

The project is being implemented between January 2021 and June 2022 in a partnership consortium with the Intercultural Association for All in Portugal, the KRIK Center for Youth Activism in North Macedonia and the Development Youth & Sports Association in Turkey.

Involvement opportunities that support the knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired through non-formal education play an important role in professional development. The project supports the importance of personal skills, as a foundation for specialized skills and the development of basic transversal skills necessary for any person in the professional training.

The aim of the project is to raise awareness of the added value of sport and physical activity in non-formal education, as a practical solution for developing personal skills.

The project includes as main activities:  

  • International seminar “Sport focus in education”     
    • The seminar will support an interactive framework of complementarity between sport and non-formal education, aiming to develop non-formal educational methods using sports techniques in dance, chess, football, fitness and martial arts.
  • Local trainings that will take place in Iasi - Romania; Barcelos - Portugal; Skopje – North Macedonia; Sivas - Turkey   
    • The local trainings aim to develop a beneficial framework for the application and improvement of the newly created methodology and will have an added value in the development through sport of the basic skills of the young participants.
  • Awareness campaign "Added value of sport in education"  
    • The campaign will be implemented through online media, local workshops and public sport events in each local community involved. The campaign will emphasize the role of sport in education, the assimilation of sporting values and the creation of new opportunities in grassroots sports and non-formal education.