European project

Expanding soft skills borders, PasSPORT in education


The project “Expanding soft skills borders, PasSPORT in education” addresses the beneficial impact of sports techniques as an educational support in the development of skills.

The project supports the importance of soft skills, as a basis for further development of specialized competences and the development of soft skills seen as transversal skills that are needed for any individual in the professional training. Opportunities that support knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired through non-formal and informal learning have an important role in enhancing employability and life quality. In this consideration competent resource people in grassroots sport and education are essential for raising awareness, and putting in value the benefits that sport can bring on development of transversal skills.

Involvement opportunities that support the knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired through non-formal education play an important role in professional development. The project supports the importance of personal skills, as a foundation for specialized skills and the development of basic transversal skills necessary for any person in the professional training.

The aim of the project is to raise awareness of the added value of sport and physical activity in non-formal education, as a practical solution for developing personal skills.


Preparatory Transnational Partners’ Meeting

22 – 23.02.2021, Online

The Preparatory Transnational Partners’ Meeting supported the set up of a proper environment for the project implementation within the partnership. It involved the project detailed planning with the partners by supporting communication among the partners on the project activities, tasks and responsibilities, risk analysis, project timeline, monitoring and evaluation, quality assurance, financial management and results to be reached.

International seminar “Sport focus in education”

25 – 29 August 2021, Iasi, Romania

The International seminar "Sport Focus in Education" promoted the added value of sport and physical activity in non-formal education, as a practical solution for developing personal skills. The seminar supported an interactive framework of putting together the know how in sport and non-formal education aiming to develop 10 non formal methods using sport.

Sports approached: dancesport, zumba, chess, football, pilates, fitness and martial arts.

Participants profile: 20 youth workers, trainers, sport specialists with experience in sport and non-formal education from Romania, Portugal, North Macedonia and Turkey with motivation to participate to exchange know-how on non-formal methods through sport for young people, to develop new methods and tools, to develop practical skills for working with young people and to work with youth workers and sport specialists from different countries.

Through participatory and non-formal methods, a support framework for the exchange of good practices was created within the seminar, facilitating mutual support and putting in value the expertise of the team of participants in a constructive way. The seminar encouraged future cooperation of participants for active involvement in working with sports techniques in non-formal education through applicative information and methods applied by specialists involved in sports activities and non-formal education.

Local trainings “Expanding soft skills borders, PasSPORT in education”



The training contributed to the development of personal skills among young people in the North East region of Romania through sports activities, increasing the motivation of young people to participate in non-formal and voluntary activities, to be actively involved in community life and to improve their physical condition by supporting a healthy and active lifestyle.

The training took place on 11 – 13 February 2022 in Iasi, Romania at the Sport Base Liberto Iasi.

The training was supported by an international team of trainers from Portugal, Romania, North Macedonia and Turkey.

The sports approached include dancesport , football, martial arts, Zumba and chess.



Awareness campaign "Added value of sport in education"



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The awareness campaign is implemented by a complementary approach by online means, through the project website, social media, workshops and public sport events taking place in each partner community.

The workshops with young people are implemented by using sport techniques as a practical way of raising awareness on sport impact on development of soft skills.

The project is involving different types of physical activities/sports that are aimed to be valued within the awareness campaign promoting benefits such as:

  • Dancesport - self-coordination abilities, self-trust, artistic sense, ability to manage social situations, successfully adaptation to rapid changing environment, capacity to influence the environment around;
  • Martial arts – self-control, respect for the others, desire for technical progress, fighting for own protection or the others protection, no fighting just to be violent and against the others;
  • Zumba – creativity, self-confidence, creativity, coordination, dynamic of the own movement, positive energy, acceptance and tolerance for the others, acceptance of diversity;
  • Chess – strategic thinking, better memory, mathematical thinking, the respect for the others and for the rules, improvement of capacity of concentration on long term;
  • Football – communication, team working, solving conflicts, leadership, responsibility of the own decisions, capacity to take fast decisions, planning ability;
  • Fitness – open mind, sociability, movement coordination, healthy behaviours, solidarity, participatory attitude, self-respect.



Public sport events



Will be available soon

The public sport events include presentation of different sports with public promotion of sports benefits for education.

The events have an important role in promoting grassroots sport at mass level and raising the awareness of the importance of sport in the social cohesion and well being of the community.

The events underline the role of sport by supporting impact, values sharing and opportunities creation.


Transnational Partners’ Monitoring and Evaluation Meetings

Mid-term evaluation meeting

11 – 12 February 2022, Iasi, Romania

At the meeting participated one staff members from each project partners and two form the coordinator.

Within the meeting the project was discussed in detail with the project team, including the detailed analysis on the project activities and main stages, tasks and responsibilities, results achieved and results to be reached by the end of the project following the project timeline.

There were analyzed the project promotion resources: project webpage and social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram and project promotional and informative materials.

It was analyzed the project brochure with the methods created within the international seminar.

The SWOT analysis and risk analysis created at the project kick off were reviewed.

The project consortium is motivated to continue the project with an enlarged sport project.